Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday 19th November

So exciting!  Work has started on the shop !
On Friday the electricians finished making the electrics in the downstairs of Wellington House all safe and good to go.  So on Saturday Donna was in with the wallpaper stripper and today Harrison and Karl are hard at work prepping the ancient walls ready for a coat of paint.  We are going for the 'industrial chic' look in the shop so watch this space as it unfurls before our eyes as a work of modern stylishness  :) 

Meanwhile, Marianne and her hubby and friends were in clearing the garden area - I know it doesnt look like much of an improvement but at least now we can see what we are up against!! 

And you know how we are always telling you that we believe in miracles??   Well, in ten days time this space is going to be Santas Grotto!   The elves have got their work cut out so if anyone has a spare hour or two they could offer to help out they would be most welcome.   And if anyone has spare Christmas lights ( indoor or outdoor) they could donate to us....... or a very large Christmas tree for the garden...... or anything else that you think would make our grotto more magical for the families of Dromore to visit, then please do let us know.

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