Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday 12th October

Everything is coming up roses :)

Office chairs arrived late yesterday along with some filing cabinets.   Pictures have been put up in the mentoring room.   Now all we need are some doors!!


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday 11th October. Offices!!

You have to believe us when we say that not much of our work here at Via Wings is focused on ' us'.  We make do and mend, we go the extra mile.  We all understand that the focus of our work is the people in our community and not us.   However, today we pause for a moment to be a teeny bit selfish  😃

 This is our office space today and has been for the past several years

And THIS is what we shall be moving into next week  !! 😊

Val won't know what to do with herself  😃

Yesterday and today we have seen the whole of the top floor carpeted, furniture moved in and now all we need to do is pack up all the files and drawers and office supplies and get moved across the road.

The counselling and mentoring rooms now have their beautiful sofas installed.  Both were gifts form a longstanding friend of Via Wings and they are perfect for the space.   The Mentoring room has a matching armchair, coffee tables and artwork ready to go up on the walls.  The old bathroom has been ripped out and new flooring has gone down in what is to become our staff room.   Fancy that!  Our very own kettle and possibly even our very own fridge and microwave!!   We are beside ourselves with excitement.   Not only because this will make all our working lives so much easier, less stressful and hopefully more productive, but also because in having this amazing space in which to work we know we are going to be able to offer so much more to the people of Dromore and the surrounding area.   Thank you to every single one of you who are helping us to make this dream come true

Soon to be staff kitchen

Mentoring room


Counselling room

Monday, October 8, 2018

Monday October 8th

Great progress was made over the weekend by our  intrepid volunteers, so today the men (and Donna) have been wielding paintbrushes and rollers getting all the upstairs rooms ready for carpet. 

Isnt it amazing what a coat of white paint will do?   This is the stationery store cupboard before and after.  We can't wait to actually have a place to put everything all neat and tidy and in order.  Thanks for doing such a great job in quite a tight space today

Karl hard at work finishing off painting the landing

Over on the other side of the property our spotlights have arrived and are up so that the Highlight Afterschools club can now actually live up to its name :)

At midnight tonight voting closes for the Guardian Public Servant of the Year awards.  SO we will stop pestering you to vote.   But until midnight we are still in pestering mode.  So PLEASE do add your vote if you havent done so already.  This is a really big deal for us as a small charity and Im sure all of you who have been following this blog would agree Gail deserves every vote for having the vision, determination, drive and courage to undertake something as crazy and wonderful and daunting and amazing as Wellington House.  :)

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thursday Oct 4th

Nobody told me they had put a disabled toilet into the Hope for Life Center !!  When did that happen?

Today Pauline, Carly and some of our lovely volunteers have been doing the not terribly interesting job of prepping the walls and ceilings upstairs in the offices ready for a coat of paint next week.  The countdown is on because carpet is going to be laid there at the end of the week so it all needs to be ship shape for that.  Acres of walls to be rubbed down, cracks to be filled and skirtings to be painted.   If you are around on Saturday and have a couple of hours to spare we shall be there - please message us or just turn up.  Painting clothes a must!

  Fireplace wall all painted

Counselling room reboarded and ready to go.

  Peoples project kitchen starting to look like a proper kitchen

And just to let you know the Fareshare food is now available at the gateway of Wellington House.  Please do help yourselves.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Monday 1st October

It is hard to comprehend that it was only  during the first week in August that we got the keys to Wellington House and here we are in the first week of October ready to send out our first food parcels from the new Compassion Center tomorrow!!    Look at all that lovely grub.

In other news Harrison is trying to put together a portfolio for his modelling career.  Here he demonstrates his hoovering skills whilst cutting a dash in a paint splattered hoodie.   Hee hee hee.    

Friday 12th October

Everything is coming up roses :) Office chairs arrived late yesterday along with some filing cabinets.   Pictures have been put up in the ...