Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday 25th October - Much done but much left to do

Just in case you think we are nearly done on our amazing renovation of Wellington House.........  we still have lots to do.   This is currently what the coffee shop looks like!   Use your imaginations and you might just be able to envisage it as a light, bright, comfortable space with art on the walls and lovely new furniture.

This area is where we are hoping to have our wood burning stove and a lovely comfy snug leading out into the conservatory

And this.......  is what the shop looks like at the moment!!    Just a bit of work to be done in here!!
 So whilst we have made astonishing progress in a large part of the building there is still an awful long way to go before we are up and running as we intend to be.    We still need volunteers to help out - our stalwarts who have been working like crazy for the past six or eight weeks are starting to get tired now.   So if you can help us in any way please do let us know.   And if you aren't able to help us physically but would love to be involved with this great project you can always make a donation here.

Happy to report that Gail and Donna have finally got their office sorted out.  True leaders always ensure their workers are sorted out before they look to their own needs - but we are delighted to see that after years in a tiny cramped office the bosses will now have a lovely place in which to work.

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