Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday 24th September. Dare2Care

I think the faries were in over the weekend because when I turned up with my camera this morning I was met with yet more changes.

Until now we have been operating Dare2Care from the House of Hope out on the A1. We have been so blessed by being able to use the cottage for the Peoples Project and our food store over the past few years but we are beyond excited to be finally able to use our new building for our food distribution this month.  And by next month, hopefully, the social supermarket will be up and running!!


The food is arriving from the House of Hope ready for distribution next week.    There is now a carpeted office space specifically for Dare2Care so that Lou has her very own desk to do her paperwork.   The steps from the food hall to the office are now floored out with the same wood effect lino which is over the rest of the building.

Outside the joiner is fitting a new doorframe so that people can safely get in and out of the social supermarket when it opens ( hopefully next month)   We are keeping the Teddy Bear Room door.  We might not keep the name.   Awwwww shame!  

On the other side of the building progress is a little slower but the fireplace in the offices has now gone and the wall has been replastered.   The wall of the counselling room is coming down to facilitate a bit of a redesign and some soundproofing.  

That's all for today folks.  Enjoy the sunshine but wrap up warm!

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